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  • Educating the Next Generation ofEnergy Healing Science Professionals

    Educating the Next Generation of
    Energy Healing Science Professionals

  • Traditional Anatomy

    Traditional Anatomy

    Study the basic structure and function of the physical body systems and their relationship to one another.
  • Energetic Anatomy

    Energetic Anatomy

    Learn how the human energy field – namely its structures, functions and energetic relationships - interacts with body systems and organs.
  • Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Learn beginning to advanced bioenergy science techniques that affect and modify the Human Bioenergy Field (HBF) and promote health, healing and feelings of well-being.
  • Living With Consciousness℠

    Living With Consciousness℠

    Develop awareness of how emotions and psychology distort the human bioenergy field. Adopt the ability to live as an empowered, authentic self - a shift that promotes healthy flow of Divine healing energy.
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Video Blog

03-30-2014 Lines of Light: Through my visual high-sense perception, I see the structured levels of the human bio-energy field as moving lights along a grid-like structure. Here’s our first attempt at depicting that phenomenon.

03-23-2014 Building the Container: A strong, vibrant and resilient energetic container is necessary if any therapeutic interventions are to abide. The resources of good nutrition, good counsel, good medicine and good energetic transmissions will leak right out of an individual if the container, that being one's bio-energy system, is not first strengthened. Watch this video for a demonstration.

03-16-2014 The Radiance in Our Shadow: Some authors of self-actualization characterize the shadow as being the portion of our ego that is judgmental or violent, something to erase or move beyond. At Rukha we see the shadow as instead being parts of the self that we are unaware of, or rather, that lie in shadow. While it's typical to associate "shadow" with something lurking and ominous the truth is that our radiance is often in shadow for us as well.

03-02-2014 Total Self-forgiveness, A Life Without Shame: No one knows what self-loathing looks like in a dog, because that state of being doesn't exist within the scope of their reality. Humans, on the other hand, can marinade in self-loathing for decades after any event has past. This week's video lesson discusses the idea of compunction as a means to self-love.

02-23-2014 We Are That Which We Have Been Seeking: The initiation of our own healing stems from an inner feeling of being unfulfilled, or in pain-physical and emotional. We hear a longing cry from within us and we set out on a journey to find something that will comfort and soothe that anguish. We always begin the journey to fulfillment by looking outside of the self, but in reality, we are that which we have been seeking.

02-15-2014 Dying to the True Self: As in physical death, where the spirit is liberated from the constraints of human restrictions and it's limitations, during our spiritual awakening on earth, certain parts of what we identify as "self" must die in order that the true self can be born. This process can often times feel like a literal death because we have wrongly defined the self as being limited to only certain aspects of our personality.

02-09-2014 The Ageless Seventh Chakra: The modern word, “health” comes from Halen-which means “whole”. It follows, then, that the truest definition of health is not absence of disease, but the state of integration as a whole being. The seventh chakra plays a very critical role in that integration. Since the seventh chakra is the top of the head, one could say it “caps” the entire chakra system and holds it all together.

02-02-2014 The "ouch" of our energy field; are you sometimes like a cactus?: Becoming conscious of how we alter our bio-energy field when different situations arise is one of the fundamental, beginning skills necessary to be an affective practitioner. Likewise, learning why we choose one particular way to manipulate the vibration of our field over another is equally valuable.Are you, or someone you know, more like a cactus, sending out needling spikes, or are you more like the ever-babbling toddler, constantly pulling for attention by "running at the mouth"? You might not even know, but your spouse or best friends do!

01-26-2014 The Wisdom of the 7th Level of Our Bio-energy Field: One of the structured levels of the human bio-energy field, the 7th level is the container wherein all of our Divine wisdom resides. Many people consider this level the outer egg-shape of the energy field, but actually, the energy field extends into infinity. When we live from this thinking, we leave behind the much more confined and narrow scope of the third level, where our dualistic thoughts and our linear thinking resides.

01-19-2014 Creative Wave Part III, Stasis Following Contraction: In this third of a four-part series, we use winter as a metaphore for the post-contraction phase of stasis. Does going deeply inward to the stillness call to you? Could you stay for eternity, and miss expansion? Or do you have a fear of dark, quiet stillness, always seeking stimulation? Watch Shelli in the beauty of a fresh snowfall morning as she discusses stasis following contraction.In the stillness we find the quiet voice of wisdom.

01-12-2014 We Don't Get Over These Things, We Recover: We need to stop thinking of the traumatic events in our lives as things we want to "get over" and forget. In the state of conscious awakening that we teach at Rukha Academy, we learn to respect every event in our life as being useful and necessary for our transformation. Contrarily, in the spiritualistic or ascendance thinking, there's an unhealthy belief that we can rise above the physical reality and never have to cope with it again. A healthier perspective is one that respects the physical as much as the spirit dimensions of our bio-energy system. This way of thinking embraces recovery and integration rather than the futile attempts to "get over" our most significant difficulties of life.

01-05-2014 The Divine Timing of the 5th Level of Your Bio-energy Field: We can often get bogged down with the question of "What am I supposed to be doing today? The answer is always found on the 5th level, the Divine template level, of your auric field. Your soul, before you incarnated, created a master blueprint of your life. The timing was already set-by your soul-not by your ego. If you can learn how to quiet the babbling ego voice that gets caught up in media and other distractions, and instead, feel and listen to the 5th level, you will be able to create a life with a purpose that is part of the total plan of humanity.

12-29-2013 The “We” of Existence: Who and what surrounds you truly does affect your bio-energy system, and you are doing the same thing. Imagine a gigantic net holding billions of wiggeling fish lying on the ground, but not touching one another. A fish at one end wiggles, and the net moves, which startles the next fish, who moves and so on. Pretty soon the vibration of the first fish has created change in the whole group. Everything is vibration; words, food, flesh, rocks, and the vibration is being transferred through this matrix web.

12-22-2013 The Conflict of Our Will Chakras: Nearly 100% of the world today distorts the essential chakra energy centers of the will, located along the spine. This distortion can help explain epidemic proportions of back issues. Most of us engage in a constant tug of war with the self and others, making us appear either willful or passive, a fighter or a doormat. This blog suggests a shift toward willingness, rather than the duality of the fighter and victim, is possible through education and personal process -along with a lot of practice! Living With Consciousness™, and our other process courses support students in achieving balance in order to provide more effective treatments.

12-15-2013 Christ-mas, Festival of Light and Unity: In the physical realm we, as humans, allow our limited ego, our need to be right and good and superior, to negatively influence, and then define, what is truly pure and unbiased. In the spirit realm there is no need for words to define concepts like God, Light, Divinity or the energy of love. With consciousness, we can, however, use the dualistic nature of the physical realm to help us find unity amongst all people, creeds and religions. Christmas; Joyous celebration of Light

12-08-2013 Keeping Yourself Firmly Planted: All too often people on a path of psycho-spiritual expansion seek out release from the physical reality in order to dwell purely in the spiritual realms. This implies a dualistic thought-process that suggests the physical dimension is less important than the spiritual. This is not only a misconception, but the practice of this type of escapism is very unhealthy. In order to expand into higher spiritual realms in a healthy manner, we must first learn how to tolerate life in the physical through deep grounding.

12-01-2013 Developing New Sight: All too often we view life from a limited perspective and believe that what we are seeing is true reality. If we look at things with the same eyes, we can only see what we want to see and our vision never changes. Often times we need to pull back to see the bigger picture. Do you need a new perspective on something that you’ve decided is real only because you are standing too close to see it fully?

11-24-2013 The 6th Level of the Human Bio-energy Field: As humans, we all ought to find something to which we bow; something greater than the self. Without this majesty we find ourselves in a desolate spiritual void. There’s a term for someone who believes there is nothing greater than the self; narcissism.

11-17-2013 Ordinary Miracles: So often we search under rocks, crannies and mysterious and mystical locations for a miracle, a sage teacher or a trans-formative experience. Perhaps the very thing we search for is in the place we least expect it. Never define something as unworthy of being extraordinary.

11-10-2013 Beyond Our Wounded Identity and the Third Chakra: Our call as adults is to think and behave like adults. But this is impossible so long as we rely on the outer reality to dictate our identity. A healthy ego is developed through a healthy third chakra function.

11-03-2013 The Fourth Level of Your Auric Field: We "connect" to all living things through this flexible level of the aura by way of bio-energy streamers and cords. Understanding how the bio-energy field works helps explain why we actually do feel emotion toward anything living-including plants and animals.

10-27-2013 The Energetic Rhythm of a Group: Your bio-energy field tells you the rhythm and momentum of any group. Do you tend to stay in sync with the group, or do you seem to lose the groove and drop your fish?

10-13-2013 Holding Your Feet to the Fire: If you are seeking a place that offers your ego only soft blankets and soft food, you won't advance very far. This blog suggests you need a mentor who will risk the heat with you.

10-06-2013 The Pleasure of Energy Moving:Could it be possible that we get pleasure from attachment to pain, blame and disharmony?

9-22-2013 Imperfection and Finding Balance: Learning to balance your energy system is as easy as falling off a bike. How comfortable are you in feeling the fall?

9-22-2013 Nature Never Holds Back, and Aren't We Glad?: Let this garden show you it's time to express your essence, for your autumn may arrive before you expected.

9-15-2013 You Can’t Get There From Here: The road to true transformation requires us to go beyond the pretense of false love, confidence and serenity.

9-8-2013 Life is Riddled with Trials, but Saturated in Glory: This blog asks you to consider whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist and which is better.


9-2-2013 The Energy in Our Food: We are nothing more than energy-bodies, and the energy of our food changes our energy frequency.

8-25-2013 Your Unique Ways of Thinking and Understanding: Learn how this mathematician has developed his personality on his third level and how other aspects of your personality are also tied to the bio-energy system.


8-18-2013 Every Space is Sacred Ground: Every place is a holy place so long as we are conscious of the energy we infuse into it. Watch and make some simple changes and notice how you feel.


8-11-2013 Your Physical Strength and Sensitivity: Watch this athlete flex and get curious about the color and condition of the first level of your bio-energy field.


8-04-2013 Grist for the mill: How examining beliefs, fears, emotions and psychology gets us to our end result; an integrated and authentic self supported by a healthful bio-energy system.


7-28-2013 The current within your fluid, emotional levels of the bio-energy field: Consider how your emotions flow as a river, or explode as a waterfall and how this is explained through the bio-energy field.


7-21-2013 Creative Wave Part 1: We, along with all of life, are in a constant wave of expanding, contracting and holding stasis, the period between the outward and inward motions. This wave promotes health and stability. Our message in part 1 of the creative wave asks you to consider how you might be interrupting this organic process.


7-17-2013 Average people do incredible things. Our introductory video offers you a message and an invitation to manifest the infinite possibilities waiting to be born through you.


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