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    Educating the Next Generation of
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    Develop awareness of how emotions and psychology distort the human bioenergy field. Adopt the ability to live as an empowered, authentic self - a shift that promotes healthy flow of Divine healing energy.
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The Psychology of Illness

By Shelli Stanger Nelson, Founder and President

Just as quantum physics has raised the bar from Newtonian physics on the topic of what we know and understand to be true about the physical world, epigenetics gives the hip-nudge to DNA theorists regarding the rules about genetic predisposition. Epi, meaning above or over, and genetics-meaning genes, gives rise to the newest research regarding how the genes of our DNA actually become activated; and it’s not what you might think.

In his book, “The Biology of Belief”, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a research scientist in the USA gives fascinating insights on how our belief systems actually trump the twisted strands of DNA in determining what  manifests in our bodies. Things like physical illnesses, for example, appear to be less related to our specific gene blueprint than to the messages that same blueprint receives.

Epigenetic research provides us with the truth that what we think, believe and cling to  in our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies plays a substantial role in how, or if, illnesses arise. And even more importantly, whether or not we recover from these afflictions.

Dr.Lipton’s work is demonstrating that the role psychology plays in illness, disease or even in physical injuries cannot be overstressed.
This is precisely why the Rukha Method(sm) of energy healing marries energy science with psychology.

Science studying the Human bioenergy field (HBF)-also called the aura- reveals to us that anything occurring in the physical body occurs first in the HBF. The HBF is all about one’s personality, that is, personal emotions, personal beliefs, personal thoughts as well as how we view life.

In other words, the HBF is all about one’s personal psychology.
Quantum physics long ago taught us that we are nothing more than vibration. This vibration occurs first in the HBF at a high rate of speed. Eventually the vibration of the atoms slow to a speed where we become solid flesh and blood. Since the HBF is the warehouse for our psychology, it naturally follows that the physical body is actually a solid expression of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Dr.Lipton shares with his readers the new science of epigenetics, but I sense a gap in how the beliefs change the signals that speak to the DNA. Could it be that the mechanism of action lies within the energy held within the psychology that comprises the HBF?

Epigenetics is revealing more and more about the critical role of our emotions, thoughts and beliefs as they relate to our health. The science is exciting for energy healing professionals who incorporate psychology in their treatments. It also reinforces a quote I heard some time ago, whose author I’ve forgotten; “The wonderful thing about science is that it gives tangible proof to what we already know is true. “ 

The difficulty in working with the psychology of an illness is revealing the unhealthy beliefs and emotions that are being quietly tapped, tapped, tapped out in our sub-conscious from the HBF.  Once we are able to articulate them, well then how do we move from that point of reference to another? I refer to this shift as the quantum step over a thin, white line. Pulling the lever to cross that line requires a lot of insight, courage to acknowledge our own painful truths and then proficient energy science techniques to support the HBF in holding a new way of thinking and relating to the universe. Most critically, a new way of relating to the self.

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