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    Educating the Next Generation of
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Bio-energy Healing Science and Surgery

By Shelli Stanger Nelson, Founder and President

My senior project at Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing focused on the use of energy treatments in the surgical setting. I wrote a science-based research project that was approved by the University of Minnesota’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). IRB approved studies are valued in mainstream medicine because this governing body deems the protocol and techniques used in the research meet a certain scientific standard for human-subject experimentation.

The results of my research, which was performed on patients undergoing total joint replacement surgery, are hoped to be published very soon. Suffice for now to say, however, that the data showed statistically significant improvement in subjects who received the experimental treatment in the areas of pain management, strength and endurance, and range of motion.

The value and validity of bio-energy therapy was recently illustrated for me personally. Over the course of the last 25 years, I’ve undergone four abdominal surgeries. During this past October I needed to add yet another notch to my abdominal surgery belt and underwent a fifth operation.

As both an advanced bio-energy healing science professional and a Registered Nurse clinician, my passion is the integration of the great benefit both medicine and healing can provide in helping humanity achieve infinite possibilities. But I never suspected that bio-energy treatments could act as a detriment! Seemingly, my great results from all the energy work may have played a role in the need for my most recent surgery.

In 2008 I underwent a kidney transplant. Transplanted kidneys are placed in the lower abdomen in the front of the body. Surgeons explained to me that they rely somewhat on the formation of scarring and adhesions to help hold the new kidney securely in place. Despite the fact that I had not one but four abdominal operations, I have not a trace of scarring or adhesions in my abdominal cavity. Surgeons were quite mystified. I, conversely, was not. I had intentionally used bio-energy healing treatments to aide in my recovery. One thing in particular I focused on was preventing my tissues from forming what can be dangerous and painful adhesions. Apparently my smooth and supple abdominal cavity allowed a wide open space in which my new kidney could flip, spin and turn. This undesirable condition put the kidney at risk. In order to fix the problem, surgeons needed to literally stitch and glue my kidney to the inside of my abdominal wall to keep it still and safe. If the surgeons had known upfront that my tissue would heal without the typical scarring and adhesions, this procedure would have been done at the time of transplant. In fact, as a result of my experience, the transplant team at the University of Minnesota is considering the need to change their protocol if the patient is using bio-energy therapy as a part of their treatment regimen.

I write this now two weeks post-operatively. As typical for my post-op recovery, my surgeons are happy yet curious about my lack of pain and my body’s terrific resilience. For me, it seems routine. I consistently integrate holistic healing into my treatment regimen and have come to expect better than average outcomes.

In my private practice, I see many clients pre-operatively to prepare the physical body, the human bio-energy field (HBF) and the Hara for the surgery. My clients and I focus on the intention and outcome of the surgery, the recovery and always, the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of their surgery. Working pre-operatively, bio-energy professionals can literally prepare the physical structures and begin the healing process before the surgery even takes place.

I occasionally work in the operating room during the surgery. At a minimum, I work with patients in the recovery room and during the post-operative recovery phase to help the body achieve ultimate surgical outcomes. Bio-energy work benefits the surgical recipient by reducing pain, speeding recovery, reducing inflammation and even improving the rate of incision healing. In light of my recent surgery, we should perhaps add an additional benefit of reducing or eliminating debilitating post-surgical adhesions. Be sure to tell your surgeon your plan to utilize integrative modalities!

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