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Nine effective, Natural Cold and Flu Preventers

By Shelli Stanger Nelson, Founder and President

As both a practicing Registered Nurse and an advanced bio-energy professional, I receive inquiries several times weekly about cold and flu prevention. While there are some companies out there who are simply hoping to profit from the public’s lack of good information about how to prevent colds and flu without taking a vaccine, there are scientificly proven effective means of preventing these illnesses.

Colds and flu are typically associated with the winter season. To be sure, the incidence of these communicable illnesses rises sharply in cold weather months, it should be firstly understood that the cold weather does not create the outbreak of the illnesses. Rather, it’s the recirculating of contaminated air caused by the need to be indoors that’s the main culprit. This contaminated air is inhaled by the host and then spread via two main avenues; surface contact or airborne droplets. Prevention, therefore, needs to focus on these two pathways to curb the spread of these and other communicable illnesses.

There are two types of infectious processes; bacterial infections and viral infections. Vaccines primarily target infections caused by a virus and do virtually very little to abate the possibility of a bacterial infection. Additionally, if a person is ill with a cold or flu caused by a virus, antibiotics offer essentially zero potency in combating the ailment. Bacteria must be present for antibiotics to have any value in helping someone regain their health.

Always be sure to have a culture of the throat or nose performed before taking antibiotics to be sure the drug is even worthwhile. Unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics can be dangerous in that their use builds resistance in the body. This resistance to antibiotics does two things; it makes their use less effective at times when they are really needed and it makes the bacteria in the world actually stronger.

Before I discuss effective options for preventing colds and flu, it should be noted that there are cases where using a vaccine may be in the best interest of a highly at-risk individual. Specifically, individuals who have a compromised immune system and in whom, if a viral or bacterial infection were to take up lodging, could result in serious illness including the need for a respirator and even death. If you are a practitioner, be sure to act responsibly and refer your clients with immune dysfunction to their primary medical provider in order to discuss the best options.

The following is a list of what I consider to be some of the most effective and legitimate methods for cold and flu prevention. If you’re a practitioner, consider copying the list and handing it out in your professional practice. And if not, well then also consider copying the list or forwarding this E-mail on to friends and family so they can learn how to keep themselves (and you) healthy!

1. Use immune boosting supplements in combination daily.
Andrographis, Olive leaf extract, Grapefruit seed extract and Elderberry are some whose efficacy as antibacterial properties have been studied.

2. Wash your hands at least every 2 hours and every time after you exit a public place.
This is the single most effective method of stopping communicable diseases that are spread by surface contact. Nothing works better-nothing. And forget that anti-bacterial soap-they’re only adding to what are now called “super” viruses and bacteria. Besides, they decrease the effectiveness of your own natural immune defenses.
Wash every time you get home before doing anything else.
Wash every time before eating, even if you did it an hour ago.

3. Gargle at least twice daily with warm salt water.
This great old remedy really works. Remember that viruses and bacteria are spread either via airborne droplets that are inhaled or by your hand touching a contaminated surface. Once your hand touches the coffee pot at work and then you pick up your toast and pop it in your mouth, oops-you’re contaminated!

Viruses and bacteria have a difficult time replicating in the high sodium concentration of the salt. If you can’t tolerate the salt or find the portability challenging, use Listerine. Remember the old ads stating, “fights germs”? Well, it really does. I have to say anecdotally, my husband gargles twice a day or more with Listerine and I’ve not seen him ill one single day in 15 years.

4. Use either a neti pot, swab nostrils with saline cotton swabs, or use saline nasal spray twice daily.
The same principle applies here as the gargling. The viruses or bacteria you may have inhaled cannot proliferate in a highly concentrated saline environment.

5. Use oregano oil twice daily to inhale as a steam or to gargle.
This is a hot one! Oregano oil should not be used with pre-adolescent children. Put about 10 drops in a glass of water to gargle. Or heat the water solution and inhale the steam. This is a great treatment in case a cold bug should sneak in.

6.Take Vitamin D-3 daily
Vitamin D-3 is absolutely critical to a healthy immune system. A normal daily dose is 2,000-5,000 IU daily. 
According to John Cannell,MD,  founder of the Vitamin D Council, vitamin D-3 can be used therapeutically to treat colds and flu if taken at the onset of symptoms. He reports success using the following dose: 2,000 IU of vitamin D-3 for every Kg of body weight. To calculate your weight in Kg, multiply your weight in pounds by .45.
This dose should be taken for three days only. Then return to normal daily dosing.

*Have your vitamin D level checked. It ought to be between 40-70 mils to ensure optimal immune system function.

7. Take up to 2 GM of vitamin C daily in divided doses

8. Ingest greens in high doses daily
Eating greens that are raw is the best way to benefit from their natural immune-boosting properties. Juicing them also works. I advocate using whole-juicing that conserves the essential fiber of the greens. Good quality powdered greens are a good option if all else fails.

9.Keep your intestinal tract healthy
The intestinal tract is one of the greatest storehouses in the body for immune properties. Keep the immune system of the gut healthy by using a high quality probiotic. 20-30 billion (yes billion) microbes daily is a therapeutic dose. Kefir milk is another excellent source of probiotics. Drinking eight ounces daily is a good plan.

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