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    Educating the Next Generation of
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    Living With Consciousness℠

    Develop awareness of how emotions and psychology distort the human bioenergy field. Adopt the ability to live as an empowered, authentic self - a shift that promotes healthy flow of Divine healing energy.
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You Can’t Get There From Here

By Shelli Stanger Nelson

The key that fits the lock that opens the door to living a functional, fulfilled and awakened life is raw authenticity found through the valley of darkness, not denial and pretense.

People who profess to be enlightened are generally the ones furthest from a mystical mingling with Divinity than are those who are doing the hard work of self-witness and self-responsibility, a process that requires us to travel an often dark path. As I say to my students, “If you see the Buddha on the road, slay him.”-meaning anyone who proclaims to be ascended and fully enlightened is an impostor.

Authentic transformation, transcendence and transfiguration is all tied to the Human bio-energy System (HBS). The complex structures of the bio-energy body hold our ego, our desires, our habitual patterns of denying truth and, ultimately, in the deepest region, well-protected and therefore, difficult to access beneath the egoic constructs, our authentic, Divine essence. Openly acting from this truth of who we were before we were wounded is the perpetual ambition.
Ascendance, enlightenment, and at-one-ment are extremely unique states of consciousness that require a person to have wrestled with many internal demons over a period of time. Further, the mere idea that the vast majority of humanity is able to reach such a pinnacle of spiritual ecstasy and maintain that on a consistent and persistent basis is naive. The preponderance of people are simply not able to maintain a state of consciousness that is consistently devoid of the limitations of the injured human ego. Rather, most spiritual seekers are realistically aiming for a state where one’s thoughts, emotions, determination, and creative energies function at the highest possible frequency in the moment. A state of being wherein both spiritual as well as physical aspects of our existence are equally honored. This state allows for, moreover requires, claiming and expressing the parts of us that are capable of feeling selfishness, jealousy, acting on latent beliefs that we will be injured and all other emotions of the human condition.
All too often people split and align with a distorted belief that one can be either a spiritually-based being or a physically-based being. Ahh, duality-a condition that is inherently present in the physical realm. To believe we can expunge this law of the universe denies the very purpose of a physical reality. Rather, accepting the both/and concept ought to be the crowning achievement. In this state we are able to remain both fully spiritual and fully human. Here we can comfortably live in a state of being that permits the injured ego to be present from time to time without admonishment, shame or pretense while yet allowing space for our unique, Divine essence to emerge at other times. I call this ability, “living with consciousness” and thus, an entire body of work has been created within the Rukha program to assist students in their transformation, transcendence and transfiguration journey.
When we want to deny the physical self and the existence of our fear, insecurity, inadequacy, our real physical pain and struggle in life, we intentionally distort the balance of the HBS. We keep certain chakras closed. We willfully control certain levels of our aura-or bio-energy field-and we displace the healthy alignment of the critical Hara line, an energetic line that reflects and controls our intentions. The good news is that, with practice and teaching, we can learn effective tools for recognizing the distortions, to process the pain of the ego and to transcend beyond our limited view of reality.  This method of spiritual living is more realistic, and actually, much healthier than the notion of ascendance.

Ascendance implies that there is something wrong or bad about the physical reality and all of its accompanying thoughts, emotions, and experiences-including pain and difficulty along with ecstasy and joy. Ascension means moving from a physically based reality to a spiritually based reality.
Most people see ascension as moving above the physical world and we will never have to return again. People move to the crown chakra, leave the body and disrespect the physical realm. This is not only unhelpful, but unhealthy, since we are all still living in the physical world. It is very possible to live a fulfilling and meaningful life as a good and loving person while still enduring hardships, experiencing uncomfortable emotions and naming these in an authentic manner.

Pretense is nothing more than an avoidance of vulnerability, pain and imperfections. Unless a person can claim to truly be ascended like Buddha or Jesus, or lives a lifestyle dedicated solely to the purpose of living in a state of continual higher-consciousness, vulnerability and imperfections are bound to be present. Vulnerability and imperfection stimulate our anger and fears of inadequacy. They make us say things we wish we hadn’t and avoid things we really need to address.

Rather than ascendance or enlightenment, a more realistic expectation is to live as a conscious being, fully aware and accepting of the fragilities of the self. The best we can hope for, in most cases, is to exist as an integrated, authentic and divine being who is able to witness the limited ego at work and to purposely choose a different response when able.  To do this, we must become lost in all of the ways we pretend to know where we are. We need to traverse through the dark places within us. People who want to ignore this essential step in their spiritual progress, certainly those who desire to be effective as a professional practitioner of bio-energy science, will never acquire a fully functioning bio-energy system, nor have authentic higher-consciousness. ? As we do the difficult work, our bio-energy system begins to change, unfurl and finally ease into the comfort of being fully alive and fully content

Remember, the paths to conscious living are many
But you can’t get there by faking it with false love, false serenity or false confidence. This pretense is really further from the truth of higher-mind living than if we just honestly admit to and allow ourselves to experience all of what it means to be flesh and blood.

And so it is.

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