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  • Educating the Next Generation ofEnergy Healing Science Professionals

    Educating the Next Generation of
    Energy Healing Science Professionals

  • Traditional Anatomy

    Traditional Anatomy

    Study the basic structure and function of the physical body systems and their relationship to one another.
  • Energetic Anatomy

    Energetic Anatomy

    Learn how the human energy field – namely its structures, functions and energetic relationships - interacts with body systems and organs.
  • Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Learn beginning to advanced bioenergy science techniques that affect and modify the Human Bioenergy Field (HBF) and promote health, healing and feelings of well-being.
  • Living With Consciousness℠

    Living With Consciousness℠

    Develop awareness of how emotions and psychology distort the human bioenergy field. Adopt the ability to live as an empowered, authentic self - a shift that promotes healthy flow of Divine healing energy.
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Newsletter 12-20-2014


Upcoming Events

Founder and President, Shelli Stanger Nelson presents 4-week introductory course

This four-week course is an excellent opportunity to experience the larger curriculum provided at Rukha® Academy.

Shelli is teaching an introductory mini-course in conjunction with the Metamorphosis Center located in Burnsville, MN.


Classes are held at the Metamorphosis Center .
Tuesday evenings through February 2015 from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M.

In this course participants will engage in interactive lectures, didactic exercises, experience intuitive readings and energy healing from Shelli, and will learn tangible skills that will guide participants to live in alignment with their Soul rather than the injured ego.

“I guarantee that each person will come away from this course with a minimum of two new insights or techniques that will change their experience of themselves and bring them more happiness.”

Click here for the full course description and to register.

Register before January 15, 2015 to receive a $50 tuition discount.


Defining the self as Source through the major chakras

A new eight-week course will begin Thursday, March 5, 2015
Shelli’s latest Living With Consciousness ™ series was well-received this past autumn.
Register now to reserve your seat for the next series.

Each Thursday evening from 7-9:15 PM beginning March 5, 2015.
Where: Shelli’s home studio at 9518 Woodridge Circle, Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Tuition: $320.00

An eight-week course suitable for all people interested in healing the injured ego as well as embodiment of the self as Source

In this eight-week course we will discuss the function of each of the seven major chakras. We will differentiate between the unhealthy use of these chakras through our injured egos and healthy use through Source-embodiment.

The participants provide opinions and participate in discussions that create a meaningful experience of moving toward living as Source.

Weekly reflective homework exercises provide a means of mindfulness and healing.

Discussion points include:
* Who or what is ego?
* How do judgments arise and how to reduce them.
* What do I fear most?
* What are characteristics of living as ego-identified and Source-embodied?
* What is the source of happiness?

Register by phone or E-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 required at the time of registration.
* Registration deadline of February 19, 2015
12 seats available.


Cohort 3 Registration begins January 31, 2015

Cohort 3 will begin their 2-year program in September of 2015.

The time is now to decide to register for this life-affirming program that culminates in certification as a professional energy medicine practitioner.

Click here for Academy information.


Rukha Revelations

I’m back-here’s what I’ve been doing!

I’ve been absent for a few months. I’ve missed doing my video blogs and writing the newsletter. Here’s what I’ve been doing and a bit about me in case you don’t already know:

Many of you know I’ve had three organ transplants. In April this past year I was diagnosed with diffuse B-cell lymphoma; a cancer of the immune system that was caused by my immune suppressants I take to prevent organ rejection. I went through chemotherapy this summer and today I’m cancer-free!

I spent many hours in reflection and learned a great deal about myself and the magnificent embodiment of Source that I am. My cancer experience taught me new insights and has tightened my dedication to my work as an energy medicine professional as well as the founder and president of Rukha.

To allow me to dedicate my life to my passion of healing myself and others on a soul level, I retired from my 25-year nursing career as a nurse educator in a cardiovascular unit at a large hospital system in Minnesota. Spirit has clearly shown me my purpose is to be dedicated to helping humanity achieve infinite possibilities.

My experiences this past summer has changed some aspects of how and what I teach at the academy. I was shown many new elements of the healing dimension and how to access these dimensions for healing.

I’ve also spent the summer writing my first book, which I hope to have published before March of 2015: “The Healing of A Healer.” It’s a book about my story, the medicine I found in my story and how my story has led me to my purpose. It’s designed to help others to recognize the medicine found in their own stories.

Rukha is ready for Cohort 3 to begin in September of 2015! We have new courses, some new faculty and I am thrilled with the improvements we’ve made to our already exceptional curriculum.
We are accepting applications beginning January 31, 2015 and our application process is closed after June 1, 2015.

I hope to see you at Rukha next fall, in one of my mini-courses or as a private client. Remember, I do long distance work as well.

To schedule an appointment or to inquire about any of my classes, just write to me directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Love, Shelli

Shelli Stanger Nelson RN, BS
Advanced-practice energy medicine Practitioner, BS
Intuitive, Healer, Author, Teacher

Shelli began her healing career as a Registered Nurse, working first in the Emergency Department and then for 25 years in cardiology. In 1999 Shelli began an eight year course of study centered around energy medicine and personal transformation. Shelli combined her experience as an RN, her education and experience as an advance-practice healer and various counseling techniques to create the Rukha Method™ of bio-energy healing Science.

In 2009 Shelli answered the call of Spirit and opened the only stand-alone, licensed school of energy medicine in the upper Midwest: Rukha® Academy. She continues to lead the school in teaching ordinary people how to do extra-ordinary things through their own energy system. Graduates of the 2-year curriculum are certified energy healers.

Despite blindness, Shelli is a visionary and channeler. She sees, knows and feels beyond the physical dimension.

Shelli’s irreverent humor, dedication to the sacred and ability to be transparent permits her students to be the same. This intention of honesty, integrity, humor, sacredness and honoring the story in everyone creates a safe container in which people can heal.


Rukha Link Likes

Here is a video blog we shot last year during the holiday season. Believe me, those long, blond locks are all gone now since the chemo! Today I’m a brunette with about ¾ inch of hair-it will come back soon enough!

Click here to see the video blog.


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