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  • Educating the Next Generation ofEnergy Healing Science Professionals

    Educating the Next Generation of
    Energy Healing Science Professionals

  • Traditional Anatomy

    Traditional Anatomy

    Study the basic structure and function of the physical body systems and their relationship to one another.
  • Energetic Anatomy

    Energetic Anatomy

    Learn how the human energy field – namely its structures, functions and energetic relationships - interacts with body systems and organs.
  • Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Learn beginning to advanced bioenergy science techniques that affect and modify the Human Bioenergy Field (HBF) and promote health, healing and feelings of well-being.
  • Living With Consciousness℠

    Living With Consciousness℠

    Develop awareness of how emotions and psychology distort the human bioenergy field. Adopt the ability to live as an empowered, authentic self - a shift that promotes healthy flow of Divine healing energy.
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Mastery Studies Course Descriptions


Following successful completion of the two-year Standard Studies (SS) program, students may elect to register for the one-year Mastery Studies (MS) program.


Program Overview - Mastery Studies

In this program, we build on the energy healing science skills acquired in the first two years of education. The MS program asks the now professional practitioner to explore more complex theories of self-awareness that continues to build psychological maturity in order that they may be lead by a deep and profound sense of the self as Divine essence.

Students are provided with opportunities to step into leadership roles in the group. These practice applications benefit the professional practitioner in providing enhanced private sessions that promote awareness and shifts in consciousness and thus, the energy system, for their clients. Successful completion of the MS program allows for interested graduates to apply for apprenticeship for the possibility of potential staff positions within the Academy.

The year-long program culminates with each student completing a mastery project. In this project, students select an illness or state of dis-harmony that they are interested in learning more about. The post-grad delves into researching this condition along with allopathic integrative methods of treatment. The student then follows a small cohort of clients in their private practice who demonstrate this condition. Students submit their findings and insights in a written project paper and an oral class presentation. In this way, the graduate begins to move from student to instructor and shows an embodiment of leadership and advanced practice aptitude.  


Mastery Studies Program Logistics and Schedule

All courses are taught at Mt. Olivet Conference and Retreat Center in Farmington, Minnesota. 

Classes are held Friday through Tuesday beginning at 8 A.M and conclude each day at 5:30 P.M. Students may elect to be either a commuter student, taking lunch only at the retreat center, or may be a resident student, taking three meals daily plus lodging at the retreat center. 


On-Campus Training Schedule

2014-2015 class dates

September 12-15, 2014

November 14-17, 2014

January 9-12, 2015

March 13-16, 2015

May 1-4, 2015


Application Process

1. Click on registration at the top of any page to begin the application process.

2. Each applicant must submit the $500 tuition deposit at the time of registration in order to be considered for admittance. If students are not accepted or decide not to enroll, the full deposit is returned in accordance with Minnesota state statute Buyer’s Right to Cancel.

3. The Rukha® Academy office will contact you within 24 hours after you have submitted the electronic registration for your payment information.


Application Deadline 

2014-2015 Academic Year

The deadline for application to the 2014-2015 MS program is June 5, 2014

Notification of acceptance date: July 31, 2014