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  • Educating the Next Generation ofEnergy Healing Science Professionals

    Educating the Next Generation of
    Energy Healing Science Professionals

  • Traditional Anatomy

    Traditional Anatomy

    Study the basic structure and function of the physical body systems and their relationship to one another.
  • Energetic Anatomy

    Energetic Anatomy

    Learn how the human energy field – namely its structures, functions and energetic relationships - interacts with body systems and organs.
  • Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Learn beginning to advanced bioenergy science techniques that affect and modify the Human Bioenergy Field (HBF) and promote health, healing and feelings of well-being.
  • Living With Consciousness℠

    Living With Consciousness℠

    Develop awareness of how emotions and psychology distort the human bioenergy field. Adopt the ability to live as an empowered, authentic self - a shift that promotes healthy flow of Divine healing energy.
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Our Campus


Rukha® Academy on-campus training is held on the exquisite grounds of Mt. Olivet Conference and Retreat Center (MOCRC). This site was selected for its ability to provide an atmosphere of solitude and a sense of ease for those attending trainings.

Sleeping rooms at MOCRC are graceful and comfortable. All food, beverages and snacks are included in room and board fees.

Students can relax during break times and take advantage of the 150 wooded acres surrounding the retreat center.

Students relax and bond in the sauna, hot tub and indoor swimming pool after class. Three outdoor fire pits are stocked and ready for meditation or drumming circles. Bring your hiking boots, bathing suits, cross country skis, and comfortable clothing.

MOCRC's staff is adaptable and accommodating to as many special needs as possible. The campus is handicap accessible.

Students that have special dietary needs may request nearly any type of diet, ranging from vegan to diabetic. The MOCRC staff work diligently with Rukha® Academy staff to ensure that each student's specific dietary needs are honored.

Breakfasts range from continental to make-your-own waffle bar to egg dishes and fresh fruit.

Lunches vary and can be anything from a taco bar to homemade soup and fresh meat sandwiches to delicious salads served in fruit boats. A salad bar is part of every lunch.

Suppers consist of a meat, starch, fresh vegetable and salad bar. Some entrees have included pecan crusted salmon, sugar snap peas, roasted purple potatoes, and cranberry glazed chicken breast.

Homemade desserts are a highlight at each lunch and supper and are never the same.

Snacks are available in mid-afternoon and changed after the supper meal.

Fresh fruit, yogurt and the beverage bar is always stocked and open for continual use.