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  • Educating the Next Generation ofEnergy Healing Science Professionals

    Educating the Next Generation of
    Energy Healing Science Professionals

  • Traditional Anatomy

    Traditional Anatomy

    Study the basic structure and function of the physical body systems and their relationship to one another.
  • Energetic Anatomy

    Energetic Anatomy

    Learn how the human energy field – namely its structures, functions and energetic relationships - interacts with body systems and organs.
  • Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Bio Energy Healing Science Techniques

    Learn beginning to advanced bioenergy science techniques that affect and modify the Human Bioenergy Field (HBF) and promote health, healing and feelings of well-being.
  • Living With Consciousness℠

    Living With Consciousness℠

    Develop awareness of how emotions and psychology distort the human bioenergy field. Adopt the ability to live as an empowered, authentic self - a shift that promotes healthy flow of Divine healing energy.
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About Us


Rukha® Academy of Healing Arts and Science is a two-year, licensed school of bio-energy healing located in the state of Minnesota, USA. Graduates of the Standard Studies program become certified bio-energy practitioners and are qualified to own and operate private practices and to work in hospitals, spas, and clinics as professional practitioners. Graduates receive certification as Rukha Method™ bio-energy science practitioners.

The program is designed for working adults. The flexible schedule meets on-campus from Friday through Tuesday five times per academic year.

Rukha® Academy is appropriate for entry level as well as established practitioners desiring to add depth and advancement to their existing practice.

Every detail of the Rukha® Academy environment is intended to provide opportunity for personal transformation and adoption of theory-based bio-energy science. Each moment is infused with concepts that the graduate will find useful in their personal and professional life.

The faculty are more than experts in their field. They are aligned in the quest for awakening infinite possibilities within the cohort body.

Our campus setting lends itself to meditation, expanding awareness and unification with Rukha D’ Koodsha (Spirit of the Holy).

Discover Rukha® Academy’s educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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